Soft Opening, Dirty Dreams, Ttotals | Springwater | Tonight In Nashville

I’m gonna come straight out and say it… sometimes, we all get a little bit too caught up in our dreamy-electro-synth-pop babble, and it’s time to get back to what made you a music fan in the first place.  There’s a time when you need to dig out those wax-crusted ear plugs from your high school days, hot box the car, and roll into a dirty ass dive bar for some good ‘ol fashioned fuzzy, psychedelic, garage rock.  And, that is just where we are going to lead you tonight.

If you head over to Springwater, you Show posterwill spend some time with solid Nashville rockers, Dirty Dreams and Ttotals, along with North Carolina’s Soft Opening.  I could sit here and describe the first time you felt your face melt off in your buddy’s Trans Am, but why don’t you just listen to some tracks from each below.  Trust me,  It’ll come right back to you.

Things get started around 9pm, and tickets are only $5.  If you want to check your ass in on the Facebook, click here.  Otherwise, just get your ass out to see some live music!

Ttotals – Silver On Black

Dirty Dreams – Dirty Demos

Soft Opening – Soft Opening

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