Golden Spurs Release Second Record, Set to Play Alanna Royale Release Show & ENU Winter 2013

Local East Nashville act, Golden Spurs, released a new record this week and are slated to play two of No Country’s don’t-miss-events of early 2013: Alanna Royale’s CD release and ENU Winter 2013. We had an opportunity to chat with Jared from Golden Spurs about their new record, the local rock scene, and the dangers of hungry German shepherds. Give it a read and their new record a listen below.

No Country: What’s happening for your band you want to shout about?
Golden Spurs: Well, we just released our second full length record, titled Highway SongsĀ which we’re very excited about. Also, we’re playing the Alanna Royale EP release show on Jan 25th at The Basement, and we’re opening the Saturday night portion of East Nashville Underground on February 16th. On top of that, we’re set to begin recording a new EP at the end of February at Trapdoor Studios in East Nashville.

NC: What other Nashville acts are you loving?
GS: Alanna Royale are very good friends of ours and we’re really excited to see such a great band getting the attention that they deserve. There’s a fantastic instrumental band in east Nashville called Deep Machine who just released an EP that is truly wonderful. Two other bands we love are Chrome Pony and Ponychase, for sure.

NC: Why should folks be sure to give your new record a listen?
GS: This record has been a long time in the making, and I did a lot of moving around while writing over the years, which was very stressful. It took me a while to get settled in Nashville and find band members. Also, in the middle of recording my finger tip was bitten off by a german shepherd, which was a huge set back. I had to learn how to play with three fingers and then start recording guitars and bass. In all, I went through a lot of shit while trying to do this record and it just feels amazing to finally have it finished.

NC: You’re slated for East Nashville Underground this winter, have you experienced the Underground first hand before?
GS: We’ve never been to ENU, but we’re really excited to experience and be a part of it. We feel very lucky to even be playing.

NC: What makes Nashville an especially awesome place to make music for you?
GS: We feel like people are much more supportive of local music in Nashville. People seem to attend shows to actually listen, instead of just as an excuse to get drunk. Also, the musicians here are very supportive of each other.

Be sure to check out the new record from Golden Spurs and get your tickets now for ENU Winter 2013 show. You can hit ’em up on bandcamp or you can show your friendly love on Fbook.


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