Ill Patriot, Sexx, The Tendoor, and McKenzie Gregg & the Tangles @ Exit/In Tonight

Ill Patriot

Ill Patriot is bang-your-head, politics-on-your-sleeve punk/hardcore music that is reminiscent of the melodic in-your-face approach of punk rockers Propagandhi, although Ill Patriot certainly has an aggressive hardcore side that sets them apart. I can see the mosh pits forming in my mind, and I’m trying to avoid them until I can’t take it anymore and I must release my inner political angst. I’ll just have to wait until tonight I guess.  Their band interests include human rights, social equality, freedom, and thrash. No, I’m not talking about angry social workers. Or maybe I am. They are also influenced by soccer tennis. Have I confused you enough?  Check out the songs “Ed Brown” and “Our Time” below.

The Tendoor

The Tendoor is led by the vocal tag-team of Donnie and Roonie Appletooth, who have chosen to recruit their closest and most talented friends to form an unsurmountably fun indie-folk rock ‘n’ roll group. As a tag-team would suggest, Donnie and Roonie work well together, switching off as the vocal lead and complementing each other with distinct yet soothing harmonies. What do they like to eat? Asian or Thai when they’re feelin’ fancy, but normally Wild Cow. What do they do in their free time? They go to Las Maracas for big beer, cheap burritos, and to play UNO. Check out my favorite track “Clear” below. Expect some new tunes at the show.

I tried my damndest to look far and wide through Google search pages filled with porn sites to find the music for Sexx, but no such luck. I’m hope they’ll forgive me, and change their band name. Just kidding, but I have no idea what they sound like. I’ll find out at the show, since Sexx has mastered the element of surprise.

*Update* I found some Sexx, the music that is. Check out the video below:

McKenzie Gregg & The Tangles

McKenzie Gregg got soul. The Tangles got class. We got ourselves a blues-folk indie-rock kinda thang and a powerful opener. Check out the song “Cold-Blooded” below. It’s certainly one of those songs that strikes a cool groove, yet still showcases interesting dynamic changes.

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