Last of the Horsemen


Last of the Horsemen is a Nashville Hip Hop group comprised of KID DEAD and Simian Says. Their new album God Must Hate Us drops December 21, 2012. I recently had a chance to visit them at Villain Place Studios in Nashville, where they recorded their latest album, to ask them a few questions about the group and their new album.

No Country: How would you describe Last of the Horsemen?

KID DEAD: We like to think of ourselves as sort of a satire on Hip Hop. If other people don’t see it that way that’s cool too, I really don’t give a shit. We just like having fun doing what we do while seeing how uncomfortable we can make you feel.

Simian Says: Because everyone’s uncomfortable anyways. We just want to show you that you’re uncomfortable because you don’t even know that you’re uncomfortable. That’s our philosophy.

No Country: Run us through the process of making God Must Hate Us.

Simian Says: First of all, we did everything ourselves (except for mastering the audio). We got it mastered by Sillas Surphuro. Other than that, I created eight of the ten tracks. I used Bollywood samples and everything from like Jekyll and Hyde, Charles Manson and pretty much everything and anything. Also, we didn’t pay for any of the sample rights.

KID DEAD: (Busts out laughing) Yeah we didn’t.

Simian Says: Here’s the deal, if we get sued.

KID DEAD: Which we probably will. Especially after this interview goes online.

Simian Says: Then we’ll get sued and go bankrupt.

No Country: Anything else you want us to know about the album?

Simian Says: It’s ten songs. Two songs co-produced. Everything is done by us in Ableton Live and recorded, engineered, produced and mixed at Villain Place Studios.

Last of the Horsemen’s album God Must Hate Us comes out December 21, 2012. You can catch them at the End of the World show in Clarksville at The Coup on December 21, starting at 7:00 pm.  Tickets are $20, and you can grab those right here.

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