David Bazan plays Pedro The Lion’s Control w/Stagnant Pools @ Exit In

David Bazan was the driving force and primary songwriter behind the band Pedro the Lion. Since the “break-up”  in January of 2006, Bazan’s music under his own moniker has been resolutely great and probably liberating. However, in order to celebrate the vinyl re-issues of Pedro The Lion’s back-catalog and the 10th Anniversary of the band’s album Control, Bazan and his band, Andy Fitts (bass) and Alex Westcoat (drums), will be playing the entire album on this tour. Control was a concept album about a business man who cheats on his wife. His wife eventually finds out and kills him. The album dwells on themes of greed, infidelity, american materialism, excess, and teenage stupidity among others. 

Every joke has a little truth hidden inside. This statement certainly applies to Bazan‘s lyrics, which were full of whimsical and sarcastic language. But they are also thoughtful, powerfully resonant and contain deep commentary on modern society. This album is no exception. My favorite track is “Indian Summer” which recalls the 1999 protests against World Trade Organization, a theme that was also an inspiration for the album itself.

You can rehash your musical craving for Control below:

Also check out Stagnant Pools. You can check out there Daytrotter Session here. They’ve been on tour with David Bazan since November 1st and the tour runs until December 15. This is going to be an amazing show. Get your tickets here. I just did.

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