Kaki King w/Lady Lamb The Beekeeper @ The High Watt Tonight

Kaki King would never refer to herself as a guitar god. In fact, she considers herself a lifelong guitar student as she is always challenging herself to play something new and different on the guitar. Yet, that was how she was labeled when she first began her musical career. It’s a term that certainly makes some sense, at least as far as her playing ability, when you see her perform her meticulous and percussive overhand-style techniques on her acoustic guitar. And you might get to see it, when she takes the stage at The High Watt tonight.  She didn’t invent the style, but she created a different sound with her unorthodox manipulation of it. Check out the music video for the song “Playing With Pink Noise” off the 2005 album Legs To Make Us Longer:

But she seemed to take a different musical direction with the 2006 release of the album “….Until We Felt Red,” which displayed her suttle vocals, her impressive songwriting ability and her panache for ambient guitar slides and filling space with soundEach successive album has a different flair, but you can tell it’s Kaki King playing the chops. Her latest album Glow begins in the most grandiose of fashions with the track “Great Round Burn” that might as well be part of the musical score for a major motion picture. (She previously worked on musical scores for the films Into The Wild and August Rush). That’s how well it’s written. It’s smooth, elegant, epic, and breathtaking. The strings are riveting in the background, waiting to break loose. Listen below:

I highly recommend this show. Also, get there early to check out Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. She’s got an interesting name, a dynamic vocal delivery and solid finger pickin’.  Check out the video for “Between Two Trees” below.

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