Ponychase 10″ EP Release w/ Wild Cub and Hanzelle | Mercy Lounge | 10.8.12

It’s a new wave, America. Colorado is totally Rocky Mountain High, Marylanders are planning their Big Fat Gay Weddings, and Nashville is abuzz about a female fronted rock band that sorta’ sounds like ‘Til Tuesday! Ok, ok, everyone around here is probably sick of my relentless excitement around Ponychase — but PONYCHASE IS RELEASING THEIR 10″ EP and I’m excited about it, damnit!

Yes, the Nashville Scene hailed them as the Best New Band and likened their sound to that of The Cure, Kate Bush, and Cocteau Twins. You can judge the comparison for yourself in the media below and I’ll spare reiterating my rant about why it’s awesome to see some full-frontal female acts getting noticed. But, if you’re feeling especially feminist now that you know Todd Akin is legitimately out of the running, you can revisit my 90s nostalgia post.

Come out and celebrate an early start to the weekend (and women’s rights to rock) at the Mercy Lounge (plus Wild Cub and Hanzelle, 18+, $7 – tix for the show here). You can also catch them doing their in-store at Grimey’s on the 10th.

Follow ’em on Twitter here. Like ’em on Facebook there. Get more details about the release party and let your friends know you’re going. I’ll be there, trying really hard not to geek out on anyone — No promises.

[UPDATE! Daytrotter session available as of today here! Yes!]

Ponychase aka The Main Event aka Current Band Crush:


Openers Wild Cub:

And Hanzelle:

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