The Dream Of The 90s Is Alive In Nashville

New blood alert… check out this post from our newest contributor Jessika Malone.

Lambchop’s making noise in a cool West Nashville venue (The Stone Fox). Fiona Apple (pre-TX drug bust) played a sultry, sold-out show at the Ryman. Music City’s getting national attention for a burgeoning indie rock scene (Huffington Post). Belmont students are sporting Doc Martens and flannel shirts channeling Angela Chase. Did we just slip into the Hot Tub Time Machine to be spat out into the golden era of Spongebath Records and what have we learned since last we moshed? Yes, the dream of the 90s is alive and well in Nashville and maybe this time we’ll rise above our rhinestones and give the world something more than the Followills.

Maybe we’ll launch a female fronted enterprise into the national spotlight. Those Darlins are flirtin’ with stardom and Caitlin Rose is a spot of all right across the pond, but where, oh where, is Nashville’s Karen O, Patti Smith, Cat Power, Chrissie Hynde, Florence Welch? And no, Ke$ha doesn’t count. All the recent hints at 90s revivalism has this blogger hopeful because it was that wave of 90s “alternative” culture that gave way to the most underrated band in Nashville rock history, Fair Verona (free downloads here to party like a riot grrrl!). So here’s to holding onto that glimmering Lilith Fair promise – that female fronted bands could not only matter, but could be master of their own recording destinies and achieve both critical and commercial success. Beth Cameron, you’re getting a second chance; Ponychase, tag, you’re it.

And now… a little blast from the past + then/now comparison!





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