Tomahawk and Pujol at Exit In Tonight

Mike Patton’s stage presence during live Tomahawk shows is just as unique as his character and vocals. He resembles a chemist on stage, concocting vocal formulas and potions that produce interesting sounds. He wears a gas mask with a microphone inside of it to produce a muffling effect, and the sound is like that of a claustrophobia victim yelling and screaming, trying to break out of an enclosed space. Sometimes, he spins wildly out of control like a mad scientist, harnessing aggressive energy during the harder portions of certain songs. The music does have its Native American influences and often showcases tribal beats from drummer John Stanier and chanting as the band name would suggest. Check out this live video of the song “God Hates a Coward.”

Pujol is anthemic, fun music. You can scream the chorus lines to most songs, and you’ll want to, even if you didn’t plan on it when you came to the show. It’s also high energy rock. Check out the live video below for the song “Mission From God.”

This show is sold out and it’s going to be awesome. See you there.


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