This Weekend In Nashville, October 19-21

Hold onto your extra long hipster beanies Nashville, this is a pretty impressive weekend of shows (especially Friday night), so make some decisions and pace yourself.  Let’s jump right into it, shall we.


First off, for those you working that downtown job… or for the gainfully unemployed, you’ll want to check out the SoBro Fest going on down at 200 South 2nd.  This thing runs from 3 until 6, and admission is free.  You’ll get to enjoy the fine weather, while enjoying the fine sounds of the Allen Thompson Band, Kim Logan, and Blackfoot Gypsies.  You can check out more about the festival here, including a link to RSVP for free tickets.  We’ll rehash that new video from Kim Logan below, because it is so damn good.


Andrew has something coming up about Docktoberfest, but it gets started at 7pm over at Jackalope Brewery.  I went last week, and it is a great way to start your weekend off right.  Especially rolling straight out of SoBro.  Man, you kids better pace yourselves.

For those of you that want to get “freeky”, you’re next stop will be Marathon Music Works for Die Antwoord with Five Knives that gets started around 8pm.  You can check out one of the tracks, “I Fink U Freeky,” that got this whole phenomena started.  Things get started around 8pm, and you can snag those tickets here.


If you are still at Jackalope, you can just wander up the street to the north to check out either Dirty Guv’nahs w/ Shovels & Rope at Cannery or Milktooth EP release w/ Grass Root Kids and Charlie Hardin at The High Watt stage.  The Guv’nahs as you probably know hit that Paste list earlier this year, but we already knew about them.  Shovels & Rope are that South Carolina duo that just had their song “Hail, Hail” on everyone’s favorite show to talk about around these parts, ABC’s Nashville last night.  You can check out a video of them performing “Hail, Hail” below.  If that doesn’t do it for you, head upstairs for Milktooth, Grass Roots Kids, and Charlie Hardin.  We’ve already talked quite a bit about Milktooth, and you can click on that link back there to listen to their newest EP.  You can check out the new track “Some Words” from the new Grass Root Kids EP down there too.

Both shows get started around the 9ish hour, and you can snag tickets here.


If you happen to be heading south out of Jackalope, you should consider having a night cap at The Basement for The Danberrys and Underhill Rose for some pluckin’ and twangin’.  You can have a listen to The Danberry’s performing “Company Store” down below.  Things get started at 9pm, and tickets are $5 at the door.


If you are heading west, then you should stop for your nightcap at The Stone Fox for another pretty killer lineup of music with Fly Golden Eagle, James Wallace & The Naked Light, & Meadownoise.  I’m a big fan of all these artists, and this is definitely a draw for me.  You should check out the Meadownoise spread from the most recent issue of Native Magazine.  You can have a listen to the Fly Golden Eagle track “Need Some Money” below.  If you don’t know James Wallace and the Naked Light, check out their stuff over at Bandcamp.  Things get started at 9pm, and you can snag tickets here.


If you missed Shovels & Rope on Friday night at Cannery, you can swing by Grimeys at 4pm for some free in-store action.  See above for their video of “Hail Hail”

The biggest secret, not secret show is the benefit concert that Alabama Shakes are putting on over at The 5 Spot with The Blackfoot Gypsies, Patrick Sweeney, and Frances & The Foundation.  You can read Adam Gold’s full write up on that one over at Nashville Cream, and, if you don’t have tickets, the next best bet might be on the deck at Red Door where you might catch a few licks coming out the open front door, because I think this puppy is well beyond sold out.

If you need to actually SEE some music, then I’d say you head down to Exit/In for Forget Cassettes: “O CURSA I” RELEASE SHOW w/ By Lightning & Poly.  You can get a warmup listen to the first of a trilogy of EPs that will release monthly below.  That one gets started around 8pm, and you can snag those tickets here.

I could continue, but let’s face it… no one is reading anymore.  Get some rest on Sunday.

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