Music Midtown 2012…. Saturday Night From A Nearby Roof Deck

I’ve finally settled in under beautiful sunny skies for another dispatch of Music Midtown…. from a nearby roof deck.  Of course, I missed all the afternoon acts because my 18 month old nephew was riding a choo-choo train at a nearby mall.  C’mon, it is Atlanta after all.  He had fun though, and that is all that matters.

So, it’s about 5pm, and Ludacris is out there beyond those trees.  It really just sounds like someone has their radio too loud next to you at a stop light though.  Maybe it was just that kick ass Bonnaroo set that has me reminiscing, but Ludacris is a hell of an MC.  I better head in to get another beer though, because hip hop doesn’t translate an 1/8 of a mile.

Neon Trees are up now, and from this distance it sounds like pop country with a hell of a lot of bass.  I’m just picturing the lead singer with those silly glasses sitting in that string of tour buses in that car commercial… Drrrryyyy Cleeeeaaaanneeerrr.

Next up…. Florence + The Machine.  I can imagine the perpetual sway of thousands of heads as the sun sets over Piedmont Park, but all I can really picture is Flo up on that giant U2 megascreen at Vanderbilt last year.

People came over to pre-party for Pearl Jam during the mostly bass (from this distance) Girl Talk set.

Pearl Jam is up now, and, after “Animal”, Eddie Vedder informed me that it was a beautiful sight.  That gives me more to go on here for the finale.  I’m now envisioning an “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town”.  I wonder how many small town elderly ladies are out there getting their groove on right now?  What do you think that song even means?  Maybe I should actually pay attention to lyrics.  “Corduroy” is another disturbing song title.  What the hell does corrugated fabric have to do with this song?  I’m sounding very negative tonight.  Maybe it is because the imaginary drunk sun dress girl isn’t puking on her boots next to me.  I have no idea what that next song was.  Disclaimer: I haven’t really been that big of a Pearl Jam fan since 1998 or so.  Damn… I don’t know this next song either, but I know that all the raver kids are wandering back up the street now.  They looked thoroughly thrashed after their mashup hero melted their exstacy-ed faces.  I’m going to put this computer down and people watch… and spit on the people that are trying to pee on the house.  Be right back.

Alright, I’m back.  That was pretty entertaining.  My dietician sister, after finishing her 5th cupcake of the night, is about to have an “Even Flow” of vomit next to me right now.  Dammit, where’s that drunk girl in the sun dress when I need her.

The new friends from the pre-party rolled back up here mid-set reporting that approximately 600,000 people (it was actually around 40,000) had been vomiting and puking all over the park making it unbearable, and that our seat was indeed a fine perch to enjoy the music.  That was the end of me enjoying the real music with the exception of the cover of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In The Free World” to finish things off.  It seems rude to live blog with other folks sitting here talking to me.

It was another fine night of Music Midtown from here on the roof deck…  and, it has me equally excited for another great weekend of music at Starry Nights in Bowling Green next weekend.  If you haven’t heard about it (or entered to win free passes yet), go ahead and check that lineup out right here.

Over and out.

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