Sex Bombs Added To Starry Nights Festival

Really, they weren’t added today.  They were added the other day with the announcement of the final lineup, but we didn’t include them in our post.  Maybe we saw their name and assumed that they were originally on the line up after that amazing splash they made at East Nashville Underground a couple of months ago.  Our simultaneous apology and congratulations to the Sex Bombs.  As a means of making this up to everyone, please check out this jazzerific video for “Out Of My Mind” below, and click here to find out how to enter to win a pair of tickets to the Starry Nights awesomeness.  If you really can’t make it to Starry Nights, or presume that only the homeless camp, you can head over to check them out at Mercy Lounge on Wednesday, September 26th with The Diamond Light and All Them Witches.


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