The Black Angels with Night Beats and Paperhead at Exit In, Tonight

By Andrew Johnson

When I listen to The Black Angels (Austin, TX), I can’t help but imagine that I’m concentrating really hard on a Magic Eye poster, trying to see the mysterious picture behind the psychedelic trance of an image. Then I get sucked into the image like a time warp portal and I’m cruising through a dark lull of sound, hypnotized by a singing narrator and mesmerized by the cryptic atmosphere. It’s like the hallucinogenic classic rock dream from The Big Lebowski, but the beautiful female model dancers with bowling-pin hats are replaced by grim reapers and spear-hoisting demons. (This is all without drugs, I swear.) I actually tried to sync The Black Angels song Bad Vibrations over this scene from the movie, and it works pretty well, although it clearly changes the mood. Try it, I dare you.


It’s certainly going to be a great night of music this Friday at Exit In as the Black Angels are headlining and fellow psychedelic-rocker bands Paperhead  (Nashville, TN) and Night Beats (Seattle, WA) complete the bill. Get tickets here, and check out the bands below:


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