Apple? or Zappa?… Tonight In Nashville

Tonight is chock full of decisions.  So, let’s see if we can get through the first difficult choice together.  We start our Friday night off with Fiona Apple vs. Zappa Plays Zappa.  Let’s see.

Location (sound quality):

Fiona Apple: Ryman (WIN)
Zappa Plays Zappa: Cannery

Location (ease of getting your Friday drink on):

Fiona: long lines and stiff pews
Zappa: lots and lots of hot bartenders (WIN)

Traffic (TIE)

Fiona: $15 to park, and then figure out how to escape the closed down city
Zappa: $5 to park, but I swear Cannery is actually inside the convention center construction zone

Best New Music:

Fiona: The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do is one of the best records so far this year, and is a monumental comeback for an artist that we all wondered if we would ever hear from again. (WIN)

Zappa Plays Zappa: The newest music you will hear is from 1993.  RIP

Most Influential Music:

Fiona: Fiona’s old stuff is good, but…

Zappa: FTMFW

Chance You Will See Someone Freak Out: (TIE)

Fiona: There is always a chance that you could be a part of history.

Zappa: Historically speaking, there is a good chance you could see lots of people freaking out.


Fiona: Cheapest ticket after taxes is going to be over $45, and you could spend up to $73 per for center seats.

Zappa: All tickets are $30 (WIN)

The final score is Zappa 3-2-2 and Apple 2-3-2.  It’s been a close heat, and I have been running these questions through my head all week.  I still don’t know, but I guess it’s a great problem to have.  If you haven’t heard the new Fiona Apple record, it’s on the other side of that “continue reading” link down there.  If you haven’t heard Zappa, I don’t know why you read this far.

Whatever you do don’t wear yourself out tonight.  It is a huge weekend for music in Nashville.  Pace yourself people (read: I’m talking to myself).


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