Lightning 100 Vows To Support Nashville’s Local Music Scene

We’ve already talked about Lightning 100’s Live On The Green that is bound to swallow a bunch of Thursday’s for you this fall.  In even more Lightning 100 news, the owner, Lester Turner Jr.,  magically penned (and recorded) a vow to put Nashville’s independent music first.  This in the wake of the news that the battle for WRVU rages on.  Lightning 100’s vow includes giving local artists more access, playing a local artist every hour, taking a full time swing at that “615” job they did back on 6/15, and picking a Nashville artist to feature in heavy rotation for a week.

I’m an admitted lover of satellite radio, but this will make me hit that FM button in my car again.  It can only help to bolster Nashville’s local music scene, and I’ll spend more time listening to the occasional commercial to support that cause.  You can read the vow here, or you can take a couple of minutes to listen to it below.  Wow, and after you are done with that, head over to their soundcloud page to check out a lot of sessions that are up there.

Way to take a step forward for our local music scene, Lightning 100.

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