Patrick Watson w/ Keane, Marathon Music Works, Tonight in Nashville

Patrick Watson is one of those artists who sort of fall into your lap, and you thank your lucky stars. That’s what happened for me when I first listened to Patrick. Insightful, energized, unique, and thoughtful, his thoughts and sounds can make the average music listener into an avid music lover. It makes you say “what?” “Play me that again.” “Please.” Taking some really different musical queues from the likes of Andrew Bird and a voice as smooth in the falsetto and as gruff in low like Young The Giant’s lead singer, yet making it all his own, I am very interested in what more Patrick Watson does for the face of music soon.

Nashville is lucky to be hosting this fella as he opens for Keane at Marathon Music Works this Thursday night, June 21. The show starts at 8:00pm and you do not want to miss it.

Keane, sure, we love Keane. I love Keane a lot, but one of my favorite things about opening artists (who I consider worth the extra listen) is that sometimes, sometimes that diamond sparkles brighter than the main act. I am no fortune-teller, but I know people will be truly, truly honored to have Patrick as the opener. You can grab some tickets here. Do yourself a favor. Just go.

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