Alt-Country? Night at The Basement

I’m not even sure what the term Alt-Country means anymore.  I’m not really sure what Indie Rock means either though, so I’m just going to tell you about some music in tonight’s double bill at The Basement.

Things get started for the early show at 7pm with Amy Speace and Megan Reilly.  I don’t know much about the Speace, but I did get a copy of Reilly’s newest record The Well (released on April 24th on Carrot Top Records).  My first impression is that of an Alt-Country Mazzy Star with those melancholy, sultry vocals.  Maybe I am over the top here, but so is the term Alt-Country.  You can check out here video for “Throw It Out” below.


Stick around to see Canadian Alt-Country sensations The Deep Dark Woods.  I don’t know much about them either, but below is a video of them playing music in their underwear.  Don’t hold it against them, they’re from Saskatoon… It’s cold up there, ya know?

I didn’t know a damn thing about James Wallace and the Naked Light before I started writing this post, and now I can’t freaking stop listening to their record.  I threw a player under the dudes in their underwear.  Check it out and see if the same thing happens to you.  If for some reason you can’t catch them tonight, you can drive down to the farm this summer to see them at Bonnaroo.




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