The Strange Boys, William Tyler, Denney & The Jets, The End, Tonight In Nashville

It’s time for some psych-y pop rock tonight in Nashville.  For those of you that don’t know The Strange Boys, they are an Austin TX based band of rockers originally formed by brothers Ryan & Philip Sambol.  It’s been a bit of a rotating cast since they formed.  Most notably was the addition of Tim Presley.  Presley won’t be there tonight since he is out touring as his alter ego, White Fence, along with Ty Segall.  Both of those two sure have been the talk of the internet since the release of that record Hair last week, but I digress.

So, Strange Boys are no strangers to Nashville, and you may remember they were here back in July at Third Man when they decided not to release their Black and Blue.  You can still check out their most recent released record called (ironically) Live Music over at The South Rail.

Things get started with the new owner of The Stone Fox, William Tyler, and our old Ovvio Art pals, Denney & The Jets.  Supposed show time is 9pm, and tickets are a mere $7.  Get out and see some live music!

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