Baroness, The End, Friday Night in Nashville!

We’ve enlisted the help of another No Country contributor, Jib, to give you the skinny on a little bit heavier show at The End tomorrow night that you should check out.  Get out and see some live music.

Baroness are another great band out of Savannah, GA. They’ve been placed in the metal camp, but I’d describe them more as hard rock. 2009’s Blue Record was voted by Decibel magazine as the best album of the year. Baroness play heavy guitar-based rock that’s flavored by Appalachian Bluegrass with lyrics that are steeped in southern culture. There is accessibility to John Dyer Baizley’s controlled roar; it’s not grating and fits perfectly with the band’s energy. The guitar solos don’t blister by at incredible speed, but are are pronounced in their subtlety, where less is more. These guys put on a great show and they clearly enjoy themselves. This tour comes just as Baroness’ new double album, Yellow and Green, is confirmed for a July 17th release date through Relapse Records.
Things get started around 9pm with Royal Thunder opening, another band I’m psyched to see. You can grab tickets for the show here, and you can check out Blue Record below.

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  1. Just seeing this now. I like this band. They have a hint of Melvins running through them, but then they throw unexpected surprises in there. Like the 1st and 4th tune, which remind me a lot of Ween for some reason. Good stuff.


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