Wild Cub Wins Round 2 of the Road To Bonnaroo!!!

After another fierce round of competition at Mercy Lounge,  the new music project by Keegan DeWitt called Wild Cub took the prize at the Road to Bonnaroo last night, and they will be heading down to the farm in June for a much coveted set.  This is surprising in the fact that Wild Cub is a brand new project with only a few shows under their belt, but not that surprising given that Keegan DeWitt is a very established musician with endless pop energy.

Coming in second was Five Knives, whom Nashville bloggers We Own This Town tweeted (a follow up to our description) “If Nashville had a Sleigh Bells, it would be Five Knives” and “Five Knives is [scaring] the shit out of me and I like it!…”

Evan P. Donohue took third last night, and pulled out all the stops by inviting Nashville’s Caitlin Rose onto the stage.  It was a good enough antic to move him up in the standings, but too much of an antic to win him the prize.

A sincere nod to all the artists last night, and a special congrats to Keegan and Wild Cub.  See you in June!

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