Kansas Bible Company weekend in Nashville

Have you seen Nashville’s up and coming music sensation Kansas Bible Company yet?  If not, you couldn’t ask for a better weekend of opportunities to see what could possibly be the next Nashville sensation.  We talked about them a bit before, so let’s just focus on your options to see them this weekend.

Perhaps, you were just enjoying a Pabst at fooBar on Wednesday, and you stumbled into a poorly publicized show.  Maybe, you went over to their Basement show last night with Heypenney & Kindercastle, then you already know what I am talking about.  Don’t fret, don’t fret… as one of Nashville’s hottest acts, you get plenty more opportunities to check them out.

They are playing on Saturday at The End with Ford Theater Reunion & Music City Burlesque.  It looks like they are the opener, but this isn’t your typical show, so don’t hate me if that’s wrong.  Tickets are $5, and things get started at 9pm.

If you can’t catch that show on Saturday, then hit them up Sunday at Exit/In with jazz and funk hip-hop phenomenon ArtOfficial.  Things get started at 8pm, and tickets are a mere $5.

There are other opportunities to see KBC, but don’t snooze on this like you did for all those Alabama Shakes shows.  Before you know it these guys might be opening for a massive headliner at The Ryman, and you won’t be able to get tickets.  Just trust me, and get out to see some live music.

[youtube_sc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJjdcytsX40&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3]

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