Night Beds, Holmes & Presley, Cory Bishop, Nathan Stiteler, The End, Tonight in Nashville

Is it youngster night at The End in Nashville tonight?  I guess I’m probably only showing my age by saying that, but as I’ve been doing research about all the bands in tonight’s lineup… I’m blown away by how talented these young artists are.

I had the opportunity to see Night Beds open for Madi Diaz last week at Revolver, and I liked what I saw.  It’s a nice blend of acoustic pop that is really refreshing, and leadman Winston Yellen is someone to keep you eye on around Nashville.  With a Daytrotter session coming up, inclusion in next month’s CMJ, and support from the likes of WXPN and more, Night Beds just may be a household name in the time to come!  Below you can check out the new single “Ramona”, as well as a player with his 2010 self-titled EP.


I don’t know a lot about Holmes & Presley, but I do know that this singer/songwriter duo has some serious talent.  The Holmes portion refers to Steven Holmes who has been playing numerous instruments since a very young age, and is probably best known for his work with Kopecky Family Band.  He went to Belmont to study music, and there he met another Belmont student studying piano and voice named La’akea Presley.  A musical relationship has since blossomed, and their sound is simply sweet.  You can check out a song they performed at The Basement below.


Cory Bishop is obviously a talented guitarist who brings his experiences to life in a style reminiscent to singer/songwriters like Josh Ritter or Conor Oberst, you can check out some of his tracks over at his reverb nation page… and if you want to help him fund his debut record, you can donate to his Kickstarter fund.

Nathan Stiteler brings a bit more of an experimental vibe to his music.  It’s a folk based singer/songwriter type experience, but there is an additonal kick that I wasn’t really expecting.  You can check out his catalog on Bandcamp here.  I’ve attached his 2010 release deathbed. flowerbed. below.

It’s gonna be a fun night, especially if you are a fan of talented singer/songwriters.  So, head down to The End around 9pm.  Tickets are a measly $5.  Get out and see some live music!

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