Vampire Weekend’s side projects and a new record coming

Whether they admit it or not, every hipster loves Vampire Weekend, and is waiting with baited breath on bearded faces for their next record.  Supposedly that record is in the works, but those kids are all ADHD about it, and keep getting distracted by their own side projects.  Fear not, this has happened before, and they still managed to get Contra out the door in 2010.

We’ve been hearing the ramblings about a new Vampire Weekend for weeks now, but we are currently hearing more about yet another side project of VW’s Rostram Batmanglij.  He was linked to Discovery which was that quirky little electro-funk outfit that also included Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, Ra Ra Riot’s Wes Miles, and Dirty Projectors’ Angel Deradoorian.  They released one LP, ingeniously titled LP, in 2009 prior to VW’s release of Contra in 2010.  Then there was that ridiculously catchy collab called “All Summer” that Rostram did with Kid Cudi and Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino for Converse in the summer of 2010.  Just have one listen to that, and tell me it doesn’t get stuck in your head.  Rostram also was credited some production work with Das Racist for their most recent album Relax.  So, now Rostram is at it again.  He’s been posting new tracks that he’s produced on his Tumblr blog.

According to recent reports, he and Ezra have been working on new Vampire Weekend tracks, but they aren’t very close to finishing any of them.  If you ask me, this is a serious case of musical ADHD.  These guys are all over the place with their musical fingers in practically everything these days.  It’s no wonder they can’t get the next Vampire Weekend record together.  So, while we wait, I thought I would throw up some of those side projects so you can see what is keeping the boys too busy to make a new record.

Rostram – “Don’t Let It Get To You”

Rostram – “Wood”

Here’s that catchy song “All Summer” with Bethany Cosetino, Kid Cudi, and Rostram.  You can watch the original Converse video here.


And, here’s a few tracks from the Discovery’s 2009 LP… and you will need a flash enabled device to check out the player below.

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