Uncle Skeleton, American Royalty, & Sol Cat, The Basement, Tonight in Nashville

Woop, woop… another Thursday is in the books here in Nashville, and you should get out and celebrate.  This is the last Thursday before the holidays officially begin.  No matter your thoughts on the holidays, they are hectic and a bit stressful for everyone, so, why don’t you get out and do something for yourself.  I think you should go see some live music tonight in Nashville.

I had the opportunity to see Uncle Skeleton during Soundland, and the best word to describe this Nashville collective is “paaaartay”.  This is also the band that won the final BMI slot to sneak down to perform at Bonnaroo last year, and you can read D. Patrick Rodgers run down of their performance (I have no idea why all those people are sitting down in that picture?!?!) to open Bonnaroo 2011.  Here’s what you can expect… tons of folks on stage playing a ton of instruments and bringing the party.  I honestly don’t know how they will all fit on the little stage at The Basement, and that in itself might be reason enough to go to the show tonight.  I assume this band can play to whatever crowd they see fit, but, after American Royalty checks off the stage, they are going to have to kick it up a notch to keep the bodies moving. Here is a bandcamp player to give you an idea of what you can expect tonight.

I don’t know too much about the Los Angeles outfit American Royalty, but that isn’t a bad thing.  I love checking out new bands.  According to their bandcamp page, they are slated to play the first of next week in New York, so you know they are making their rounds right now.  It’s equal parts rock, psychedelia, and electronica which sounds very interesting… and very high energy.  I’ve attached their bandcamp player below so that you can have a listen for yourself.

Remember me telling you about Sol Cat several weeks ago when they were part of that Awesome 8 off 8th.  Well, for those of you that didn’t get out to see this Nashville new-comer at that event, you have another chance tonight.  Below is that single “Hang Glidin'” they leaked to me from their upcoming debut.

Hang Glidin’

Things get started around 9pm, and tickets are a mere $7.  We are set for another great night in Nashville, so get out and see some live music.

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