Lots to do, Lots of places, Tonight in Nashville!

It’s a Tuesday.  For those of you not working, it is a day to sit around and watch the college basketball season kick off on the couch on this rainy day.  Unless you are Exit/In, who is decking out their ark in the event that the 40 day flood is starting today, but they probably are watching hoops and drinking beer while they are doing it.

Regardless, all of us are going to be tired of sitting around by the time tonight rolls around, so let me tell you about some music that you might be interested in checking out.

Yesterday, I told you about Warren Haynes playing the inaugural show at Marathon Music Works, and the Cream did a pretty good write up about it this morning.  So, if you are interested in seeing a living legend at the opening night of what hopes to turn into a legendary venue, then you should get over to Marathon Music Works around 7:30, and bring $25 to get your ticket.

Mercy Lounge is hosting alternative rock/punk/funk legends Fishbone.  I saw them YEARS ago in New Orleans, and it still stands out in my mind as an awesome show (which says a lot since it was during my boozy college days).  Cream writer Adam Gold did a pretty great write up about the show tonight.  Things get going around 8pm with local prog rockers Sound & Shape, and tickets will run you 20 bones.

Alright, maybe you are one of those folks that don’t want to get off the couch if you are going to have to spend some money tonight…  Why don’t I throw you a free set to check out!

Acoustic popster David Mead is performing a FREE in-store at Grimey’s today to promote the release of his new record Dudes.  If you are into his music, head over there at 6pm to have a listen and grab a copy of this record.  You can also check out some of this week’s other new releases that I think could be worth your time.

Whatever you decide to do tonight, get out and see some live music!

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