Screaming Females, The End, Tonight In Nashville

It’s hump day, and you need a mental release.  I’ve got just the thing to cure your mid-week ailments.  You should get out to see some music tonight in Nashville.

Screaming Females are a “punk” rock band out of New Jersey.  With four full length releases and a smattering (love that word) of 7″ inches since the middle of the last decade, they really seem to be picking up some attention within the past couple of years.  They were a showcased artist at SXSW this year, and have write ups from the likes of Spin, Rolling Stone, & others.  They’ve basked in the spotlight of MTV & NPR radio.  So, where’s the Nashville connection, you might ask?  In 2009, they released a split 7″ record with JEFF the Brotherhood through Infinity Cat Records, and, more importantly, they are playing tonight at The End in Nashville.

I’ve attached a player below to get you familiar (the last track on the player is from the JTB split 7″), and you can snag their Daytrotter session here.  Your $7 tickets are here.  Things get going around 9pm with Underground Railroad to Candyland & Diarrhea Planet.  Get out and see some live music!

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