JEFF the Brotherhood to open for Raconteurs at The Ryman

Why did you snooze, right?  I told you about it!  I even sent you a reminder the morning that tickets went on sale!  Come on, I know you have some sort of smart phone, and I’m assuming you are smart enough to learn how to set a reminder on the calendar….  So, why did you miss the 30 minute window when tickets were available for The Raconteurs show at The Ryman?  I don’t know.  I missed it too.

Nashville Cream just announced that Nashville’s JEFF The Brotherhood will be the opener for the Raconteurs on September 15th.

So, who’s kicking themselves in the ass now?  We are, fellow slacker…. we are.  I guess we live in the world of slackers , and we can just buy them for outrageous prices on Craigslist now!


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