Little Tybee, The End, Tonight in Nashville

Tonight in Nashville….

Are you looking for some good music to see tonight (7/29/11) in Nashville?  Then look no further than Little Tybee at The End.  An orch-pop (or progressive folk) band with Paper Garden Records, Little Tybee is an Atlanta based upstart (ranging from five to eight members) that uses numerous instruments to fill the room with sounds while throwing pop hooks to keep your ears on the upbeat tune.

This current tour is in support of their newest LP, Humorous To Bees, which is another step forward for the band.  The previous (2009) LP, Building A Bomb, and EP, I Wonder Which House The Fish Will Live In, were solid steps forward, but this new album shows the continued maturation of a talented band.

I love the quote from the great review of the new LP by The Vinyl District – Memphis.

WARNING: The vocal performance of writer-singer-pianist-guitarist Brock Scott along with brilliant musicianship may lead to temporary interruptions of positive cash flow.

Well, you can’t complain about positive cash flow for the show tonight at The End (tickets are only $6).  So, if you are looking for something new and fresh to hear tonight in Nashville, I highly recommend Little Tybee at The End.  It is also a chance for you to see opener Evan P. Donahue who was announced as a Soundland perfomer yesterday.  Get out and see some live music.

Here’s some tunes to get you ready.  I also included an awesome “music video”…. which is really just some dude doing some bad ass yo-yo-ing (with a lot of strange stuff going on in the background) to Little Tybee’s “Nero”.

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