Bon Iver rocked the Ryman

Bon Iver showed Nashville that they deserve to be playing at a venue like The Ryman Auditorium.  They showcased the new LP, and they brought us back to what got it started.  Good lights, great sound, and an energy that everyone in the mother church could feel.  The highlights were undoubtedly the cover of Don William’s “If Hollywood Don’t Want You…” and the encore of “Flume”, “Wolves”, and “Skinny Love”.

I found a great video of the encore on YouTube.  You know it is an awesome show when some dude yells out “Thank you” in the middle of the song.  If you are pressed for time (or suffer from internet ADD like the rest of us), make sure you scroll to 6:15 in the video to see the unplugged version of “Skinny Love”, you won’t be disappointed.



  1. I <3 bon iver

  2. Amazing show. I love the rocking electric take on “Blood Bank” that they rolled out.

    Great find on the video, Matt!

    -Wes Davenport

  3. Had to share this, too. NPR captured his entire performance at the 9:30 Club In Washington, D.C. This is awesome.


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