Battles playing Exit/In on 10/24

Does everyone know Battles?  They are an experimental, math rock outfit out of New York.  They came onto the scene in 2007, and have been steadily blowing people away ever since.  They have heavy roots in experimental music with guitarist Ian Williams (formerly of math rock wizards Don Caballero), bassist Dave Konopka (formerly of Boston-based math rockers, Lynx) and metal drummer John Stainer (formerly of Helmet).  Battles is all about creating some out of this world rock sounds.

They have a truly amazing tour run this summer including stops at the Pitchfork Festival and practically every festival in Europe, and, while they are out, they will stop by the Exit/In to play for us in Nashville on October 24th (thanks in advance for the awesome birthday present).  Get your tickets over at the Exit/In website.  It’s pretty awesome to be able to see a big festival band at a smaller venue.  So, don’t miss your opportunity…. get out and see some music.

Below is my favorite track from their first LP, Mirrored (via Warp Records), and I’ve attached a video for the new track “Ice Cream”.  You can also check out their Blogotheque session here, and you can check out more of stuff over at their myspace page.

Atlas (from Mirrored)

Ice Cream (from new LP Gloss Drop)

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