New Avalanches record

Pitchfork reported on Friday that a new Avalanches record may be ready by the beginning of next year.  I wonder what that means?  These guys were true pioneers of the cut and chop digital mashup game back in 2001 (the year their last record, Since I Left You, was released), but will they really be able to compete in a world that includes literally thousands of computer nerd dj’s mashing shit together (Click here for some fun examples)?  Maybe Avalanches will come out with a straight up polka album, and really blow everyone away.

Well, while you (and the Avalanches) ponder why they left you, you can check out their awesome video for the song “Frontier Psychiatrist” from back in 2001.  Really cutting edge stuff without all the CGI.  It really does hold up.


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  1. awesome video.


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