NPR First Listening Party: Cults, Death Cab for Cutie, and My Morning Jacket

If you head over to NPR’s website, you can stream a first listen of the new records by Cults, Death Cab for Cutie, and My Morning Jacket.

We’ve already talked a bit about the upcoming release of MMJ (and, of course, their upcoming set at Bonnaroo).  Well the entire album (which is awesome) is up at NPR’s website where you can stream a first listen before the official release of the album on May 31st.

So, let’s focus more on Cults self-titled full length record (due out June 7th).  I first heard about Cults when they opened for Maps & Atlases (these dudes were awesome and deserve a post of their own) at a small San Francisco venue.  This Brooklyn based duo had such a sweet sound (but obviously very little touring experience as you could barely hear them).  Their biggest song at the time, “Go Outside” which was getting quite a bit of play on the internet and satellite and college radio.  This song, as well as, 11 new tracks are included on the new album which releases on June 7th.  The band also surely has worked out their touring glitches by now, since they are on the road for the entire summer with dates in Europe and the U.S.  Check it out over at NPR’s website, and let me know what you think.

Death Cab For Cutie are releasing their 7th record titled Codes and Keys on May 31st.  Some indie music lovers gave up on DCFC after they signed with Atlantic Records in 2004, but the long established leadman Ben Gibbard only agreed to sign if they could maintain their musical freedom.  These guys have music everywhere now (commercials, all radio stations, elevators and shopping centers).  The real beauty of what they do is that they don’t stick to a particular formula that got them where they are.  They are an evolving band, that has allowed their music to mature as they do.  So, let’s see what you think of the new album.    Check out the new album in it’s entirety streaming over at NPR’s website.

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