Here We Go Magic w/ Caveman – The Basement, Thursday May 19

The last time I saw Here We Go Magic, they were opening for Panda Bear.  At that time, HWGM was simply the Moniker for lead man Luke Temple, who recorded his first HWGM album alone with a tom, guitar, microphone, and synthesizer on a four track recorder.  Since the success of the first album, HWGM has grown.  The 5-piece (that’s people, not just instruments for Luke) has a much more vibrant sound than the do-it-yourself approach did, and the new album Pigeons has received significant positive press (Believe it or not, Pitchfork gave the Collector track a “best new music” nod).

Get a chance to see this truly talented act in the intimate confines of The Basement this Thursday.  Tickets are available at Grimey’s for only $10.

Below are two links that show the difference between the first two HWGM sounds.

Fangela (from the first self titled album)

Collector (from the second HWGM album, Pigeons)

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