Nashville Cream vs. Glenn Danzig Goes Viral

Yesterday, while at the gym (yes, that is what Bonnaroo has done to me), I was listening to Brooklyn Vegan’s weekly blog show, and he mentioned Glenn Danzig going after Nashville Cream’s photog Michael W. Bunch at his Bonnaroo set.  Damn, Cream… way to almost get your ass kicked to have mega-bloggers in New York take your shit viral.  Can’t say I wouldn’t have done it too!

Here’s the Nashville Cream write up of what happened…  Here’s the Brooklyn Vegan write up…  The video in question is below, and below that is probably what Michael W. Bunch would have done to Danzig if he could have gotten close enough.

Nashville Cream Are Undefeated!




Music for your Halloween Weekend In Nashville

I have plans to write about a few of the shows that are going on, but the venerable Nashville Cream has gone above and beyond with an extensive listing of great shows that are happening on this spooky weekend in the Music City.  Check out the Cream’s listing of shows here, and check back with us for updates for our picks (Tonight features GIVERS and Lord Huron).  However, if you are more of an Avett Brothers/Social Distortion fan, tickets for that show are still available.

Whatever you choose, have a safe Halloween weekend, and get out to see some live music.

Broken Social Scene & TV On The Radio at the Ryman

Man, I told you about this show, and it still didn’t sell out.  Either I don’t have that much influence over you, all the music lovers in Nashville somehow squeezed into the Third Man Records play space, or you just didn’t know what you were missing.

Well, if you are a Broken Social Scene fan, and thought you would just wait until their next stop in Nashville, then you might be waiting a long time.  In a Pitchfork interview today, BSS front man Kevin Drew said that when the band finishes their fall tour, they are going on an indefinite hiatus.  Of course, he has said this before, but I guess that makes last night’s show even more special and BSS didn’t disappoint.  The constant rotation of performers around the stage playing any instrument they could get their hands on was truly impressive.  And, I have to give a special shout out to the guitar tech who was tuning a seemingly endless number of guitars for each song.  Really awesome set.  Side note: I’ve been singing “Texico Bitches” all day long.  Play the song below and you can get it stuck in your head too.

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TV On The Radio was great too, though I have to admit the guys running the sound board seemed to have trouble figuring out the volume controls for lead singer Tunde Adebimpe during the first half of the show.  That is something that I never thought I would say of a venue that consistently pumps out the best sounding shows in town, and they cleared that snafu up as the show went on.  What did the rest of the band sound like?  Like those stained glass windows in the back were going to burst right out of their frames!

All in all, it was a very special and incredible night of music.  What is the take home message here?  When I tell you (repeatedly) about a show, you should listen up and go.

There’s a pretty funny write up about and play-by-play of the show over at Nashville Cream and lots of great pictures from last night.  I was standing right behind these photographers, and it is amazing they were able to come away with any photos with the relentless security guard repeatedly checking credentials.  Sheesh man, relax.  We’re all taking pics on our cell phones anyway, dude.

Jack White covering U2?

I’m not going to try to re-blog something that was already done so, well.  If you haven’t already, check out this awesome blog post by Adam Gold at Nashville Cream discussing Jimmy Page, The Edge, Jack White, a tribute album, and a lot more.  Bravo, Adam!

The only thing Adam missed was some commentary on Bono’s make-up job in that video?  What is that all about?  No wonder he wears those glasses all the time!

Free Tickets and A Chance To Name a Nashville Music Hall

You’ve probably heard by now that there is a new mid-sized music venue opening in Nashville.  Well, the name is still undecided, and the owners are letting Nashvillians make the final determination.  The owners ran a contest via Lightning 100 to come up with a name for the new venue (the ultimate winner will get 2 free tickets to every show for a year).  The choices have been narrowed down to three finalists.

The Pink Elephant
Motorworks Live
Marathon Music Works

The good folks over at Nashville Cream argue that their is only one good choice amongst those finalist, and I agree with them.  The building used to be occupied by Marathon Motor Works, so, Marathon Music Works is the obvious choice to keep a little bit of Nashville history alive.

Whether you agree with me and The Cream or not, you should head over to Lightning 100 to vote.  Voting ends at 11:59pm on Thursday 8/11, and everyone who votes (read: gives their email address) will receive two tickets to an upcoming show of their choice in the next year.  That’s reason enough!