Catch The Early November w/ The Dangerous Summer, Jetty Bones, & Save Face | TONIGHT @ Mercy Lounge


New Jersey’s The Early November have been a staple of the indie/emo rock scene since 2001, when they recorded a five song demo in lead singer Ace Enders’ basement and sent it off to Drive-Thru Records. Their debut EP, For All Of This, and followup full-length album The Room’s Too Cold are classics of their genre, switching back and forth from loud, swirling guitars to soft, melancholy acoustic tunes, showcasing Enders’ wide range of songwriting, and helping propel the group to cult fame as pop punk and emo took over the musical zeitgeist in the early to mid ’00s.

The band took a hiatus shortly after the release of their third album (which is technically three albums in one) in 2006, a concept record called The Mother, The Mechanic and The Path, and remained largely out of the spotlight (despite beloved new projects like Enders’ I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business and Ace Enders and Million Different People) until 2012 when they released In Currents, which took them back to their roots of loud, angsty rock with Enders’ emotionally charged vocals. The Early November followed up that in 2015 with their latest effort, Imbue, which seemingly came out of nowhere on Rise Records, continuing in that path, proving that they’re at their best when they’re doing what got them known in the first place. This fall, TEN, still going strong, will debut their sixth LP, Lilac, and ahead of its release, are set to play Nashville for the first time in more than three years tonight, Oct. 4 at Mercy Lounge!

The Early November alone make this show essential for any 20 or 30-something fans of nostalgic emo and indie, but with a supporting slate of The Dangerous SummerJetty Bones, and Save Face, it’s a particularly stacked event. Newly reunited, celebrating a fourth LP, and now partially Nashville based, The Dangerous Summer exploded onto the scene almost a decade ago with their now classic debut, Reach for the Sun, fast becoming an important fixture in a new wave of the scene The Early November helped pioneer (which bands like TDE helped course correct, after it went a bit off the rails in pursuit of commercial success in the late ’00s). The Ohio based musical alias of Kelc Galluzzo, Jetty Bones boasts an earnest, poppy, infectious sound we can’t get enough of. And kicking things off, New Jersey alt/emo rockers Save Face sound a bit like an Early November for a new generation. Needless to say, every band on this bill is worth your time, and we encourage you to snag tickets here while they last!

The Early November, The Dangerous Summer, Jetty Bones, and Save Face will perform tonight, Oct. 4 at Mercy Lounge. The show is 18+, begins at 8 p.m. (doors at 7 p.m.), and tickets are available to purchase for $19.

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