Watch Alaina Cross Get Spooky in New Video For “Six Ft”

If you really think about it, the term “dark pop” is kind of an oxymoron. We’re not going too deep into semantics though, because the music that falls under this genre is still catchy and upbeat like pop music is known to be. Singer Alaina Cross is a perfect example of this. We wrote about this newcomer back when she released her single “Six Ft”, and now we’ve got the spooky video footage to accompany it.

If you thought the song itself was chill-inducing, then you’re in for more goosebumps. Shot in a vacant, 1850s home in Jonesborough, TN, the video depicts Cross as a ghost haunting her former lover as she sings about their relationship’s demise. She also casually prances through a graveyard, you know, as one does. So take note, boys, because after you watch this, you’ll think twice about how you treat your lady.

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