No Country’s Guide to Record Store Day 2017: Where to Go, Who to Watch, What to Buy


What started as an annual celebration of all things vinyl, marked largely by niche indie releases and celebrating independent stores, has ballooned to become a cultural phenomenon, now in its tenth year, known as Record Store Day. Set to take place Saturday, April 21, the music lovers’ holiday not only brings a massive number of new, collectible, and limited edition releases and re-issues from artists small and large, but, also, includes tons of festivities at independent record stores across the nation. Being the music obsessed city that we are, Nashville goes all out every year, and there are so many happenings that it’s hard to keep track. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, detailing the stores, sales, performances, events, and releases you can expect to find on Record Store Day. Read on for more, and start planning your day!

(NOTE: With a stormy forecast, you’ll want to keep an eye on social media if live music is a priority, as set times for several of the stores are likely to change if there’s inclement weather.)


As Nashville’s largest and best-known independent record store, Grimey’s has definitely become the destination for all things Record Store Day. That has its pros and cons; you’ll have to plan to arrive very early (a few people even camp out overnight), and fight through large crowds to find your coveted wax. On the flipside, the selection is amazing, there are all kinds of extra goodies, and there’s plenty of free fun to be had, including performances from an impressive slate of artists.

WHERE: 1604 8th Ave S; RSD releases will be in Grimey’s Too (on the right-hand side), and live music will take place downstairs in The Basement due to weather (instead of the typical back lot), with DJs in the Grimey’s main shop.

WHEN: Sales will officially begin at 10 a.m. (when both stores open), but the line could start forming as early as Friday night. The lot behind Grimey’s Too is open for anyone who intends to camp (with port-a-potties provided), and the line will be directed to form behind the back deck in the morning, at which point the fine folks at Frothy Monkey will open for your breakfast and coffee needs.

Here’s the performance schedule:

09:00am – DJ SRC on the deck at Frothy Monkey
10:00am – Grimey’s & Grimey’s Too open (RSD exclusives at Grimey’s Too)
11:30am – Paul Glavin of Eargasm on WXNA (DJ set)
12:00pm – The Gripsweats
12:30pm – Mayor Megan Barry (DJ set)
01:00pm – Raging Fire
01:30pm – Sarah Bandy of Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp and Yeah! (DJ set)
02:00pm – The Bad Signs
02:30pm – Mary Mancini & Freddie O’Connell, a Liberadio(!) reunion (DJ set)
03:00pm – Cory Branan
0 3:30pm – Aaron Hartley of Fidelity High on WXNA (DJ set)
04:00pm – Paul Burch
04:30pm – Brady Brock of Fidelity High on WXNA (DJ set)
05:00pm – Sun Seeker
05:30pm – Astrobrooke of Highs In The Mid ’70s on WXNA (DJ set)
06:00pm – Idle Bloom
08:00pm  – Grimey’s & Grimey’s Too close

WHAT: Expect to find virtually every release on the official Record Store Day list, and a few that aren’t (limited to one per customer). Plus live music, food and food trucks (Crankees Pizzeria), drink specials (sponsored by Dogfish Head), DJ sets (including a return set from the mayor herself), free swag, the participation from local groups like the ACLU and Southern Girls Rock, and tons of enthusiastic music lovers.

WHO: Grimey’s will feature performances from Idle Bloom, Sun Seeker, Paul Burch, Cory Branan, The Bad Signs, Raging Fire, and The Gripsweats, plus DJ sets from Astrobrooke, Brady Brock, Aaron Hartley, Mary Mancini, Freddie O’Connell, Sarah Bandy, Mayor Megan Barry, and Paul Glavin.

WHY: If you want the biggest, busiest, most comprehensive Record Store Day experience, Grimey’s is the spot. It’s an especially good choice if you’re not as bent on finding all of your record picks (they’ll go quick), and simply want to have a fun time and catch some live music.


Smaller but just as well-curated, East Nashville’s The Groove has definitely developed a reputation for throwing a solid Record Store Day shindig every year, and this year they’ve partnered with Acme Radio Live and several food and drink sponsors to make it even cooler. They’ve got almost as many bands and RSD releases as Grimey’s, but with a somewhat smaller crowd to deal with.

WHERE: 1103 Calvin Ave; RSD releases will be inside, while additional sales items and festivities are planned for outside- weather might change the plan though.

WHEN: The Groove will open at 10 a.m., but expect the music to kick off at noon.

Here’s the performance schedule:

12:00pm – The Whistles & The Bells
12:50pm – Lawndry
01:40pm  – Idle Bloom
02:30pm – The Mumzees
03:20pm – Okey Dokey
04:10pm – The Weeks
05:00pm – Skyway Man
05:50pm – Robyn Hitchcock
06:40pm – All Them Witches

WHAT: Most RSD releases will be available. Additionally, there will be a 15% off storewide sale for all other merchandise, and plenty of sale items to dig through outside. There will be also drinks (from Good People Brewing and Blue Chair Bay Room) and food (Mas Tacos, Porter Road Butcher) on site, along with lawn games, a lounge area, and other surprises.

WHO: All Them Witches, Robyn Hitchcock, Skyway Man, Okey Dokey, The Mummies, Idle Bloom, Lawndry, The Whistles & The Bells, and special guests The Weeks all perform.

WHY: If you want to stick close to the east side, potentially have less of a crowd vying for the same items, or if The Groove’s music lineup is more your cup of tea, this could be a slightly less intense alternative to Grimey’s (and you might even save enough time to slip to another store).


Nestled in Riverside Village, Fond Object is as much a record store as it is a neighborhood hangout. They have a petting zoo, carry vintage clothing, host awesome non-music events, and are genuinely just great – they’re also taking this year’s Record Store Day as an opportunity to host a grand opening for their brand new second location downtown (more on that below). Like The Groove, you’ll have slightly smaller crowds to contend with than Grimey’s, but their selection should still be on par both.

WHERE: 1313 McGavock Pike; RSD releases will be inside, and while music and actives were scheduled for be around back, it sounds like music has all been moved downtown (more below).

WHEN: The shop opens at 10 a.m., with vendors and other activities arriving soon after (the records will still be there, but the music is now downtown).

Here’s the performance schedule:

(Music has been moved downtown; see below)

WHAT: Fond Object’s music has all been moved downtown due to wearer, but still expect food (Two Boots, Music City Wienery, Gracie’s Taco Shop), drinks (Little Harpeth, Yazoo, Cathead Vodka), vendors, and more! The shop will have RSD exclusives available, and typically boasts a surprisingly robust selection.

WHO: Just records; head downtown for music.

WHY: Fond Object always has an amazing sense of community, and if your idea of a perfect Record Store Day is kicking it with fellow east siders somewhere more low-key, and likely still have a good shot at snagging some exclusive releases, this is your spot.


Though they’ve been operating in limited hours since a recent soft opening, Fond Object’s brand new downtown store, situated on 4th Ave right next to Rocketown, is officially celebrating its grand opening on Record Store Day (appropriate, since the Riverside shop did the same four years ago). We’ve yet to check out the new digs, but it sounds like much of the same as the east side store, and hopefully might even siphon off some of the crowd.

WHERE: 535 4th Ave South

WHEN: The shop opens at 10 a.m., while live music begin at noon, in both the front and back rooms.

Here’s the performance schedule:

Downtown Stage

12:00pm – Erin Rae McKaskle
01:00pm – The Fruit Flies
02:00pm – Modern Convenience
03:00pm – The Minks
04:00pm – Microwave Mountain
05:00pm – OJR (Oliver John-Rodgers)
06:00pm – Lawndry
07:00pm – Teddy and the Rough Riders
08:00pm – Yumi And The System
09:00pm – Alanna Royale

Riverside Stage (Moved from East Nashville to Downtown)

12:30pm – Soft Opening
01:30pm – Reality Something
02:30pm – The Medium
03:30pm – Gunther Doug
04:30pm – The Mighty Jabronis
05:30pm – That’s My Kid
06:30pm – Spodee Boy
07:30pm – Ian Ferguson
08:30pm – Mom and Dad
09:30pm – Skyway Man

WHAT: Fond Object will show off their new shop with tons of live music music, plus food (Two Boots, Music City Wienery, Gracie’s Taco Shop), drinks (Little Harpeth, Yazoo, Cathead Vodka), vendors, and more! Like the Riverside location, the downtown shop will have RSD exclusives available, and is likely to carry a robust selection of exclusives.

WHO: Now crammed into a single location, this year’s music slate is pretty stellar, and downtown is doing it up big with Alanna Royale, Yumi and the System, Teddy and the Rough Riders, Lawndry, OJR, Microwave Mountain, The Minks, Modern Convenience, The Fruit Flies, and Erin Rae McKaskle, plus relocated bands Skyway Man, Mom and Dad, Ian Ferguson, Spodee Boy, That’s My Kid, The Mighty Jabronis, Gunther Doug, The Medium, Reality Something, and Soft Opening.

WHY: We love Fond Object, and now there’s twice as much to love. Though it might be extra crowded with curious shoppers and great music, hanging at a brand new record store (in 2017, no less) on RSD sounds awesome.


Vinyl sales are at an all time high, and with a city as music obsessed as ours, it’s no surprise that NEW record shops are still popping up every years. One of the most welcome additions lately has been East Nashville’s Vinyl Tap, which combines two of our favorite things: records and beer. It’s their first Record Store Day, so they’re going big, despite not being eligible to carry the special releases as a new shop.

WHERE: 2038 Greenwood Ave; Performances will take place inside and outside (though with the weather, that might change) and all records are situated inside the shop.

WHEN: The shop typically opens at 12 p.m., and we haven’t seen anything to confirm that they’re opening early, though it’s possible. Music gets going at 1.

Here’s the performance schedule:

01:00pm (outside) – Liz Cooper & The Stampede
01:45pm (outside) – Spiderberries
02:15pm (inside) – Adrian+Meredith
02:45pm (outside) – Keeps
03:15pm (inside) – The Highland Reunion
03:45pm (outside) – Sad Baxter

WHAT: Combining wax and drafts, Vinyl Tap has an immaculately curated selection of both beer and vinyl, and for their first RSD, they’ll boast some great live music, 15% off vinyl, Shotgun Willies BBQ , and drink specials. It sounds like they won’t be able to carry RSD exclusives, but there’s still plenty to peruse.

WHO: Sad Baxter, The Highland Reunion, Keeps, Adrian+Meredith, Spiderberries, and Liz Cooper & The Stampede are performing across two stages.

WHY: It’s close enough to other east side stores that even if you’re planning to line up early to do more extensive shopping, you can swing by after to check out the bands and welcome another great shop to the neighborhood (and you’ll likely want to snag something on sale, because their selection is legit).


Third Man Records does not officially sign the Record Store Day pledge, and that’s because they’re don’t carry releases from outside artists. While this might be a turnoff from those of you with long shopping lists, the Jack White-obsessed will surely find plenty to salivate over in TMR’s always-unforgettable Record Store Day celebration and in-house releases.

WHERE: 623 7th Ave S; Releases and activities will take place in-store, in the patio, and around the shop (weather permitting).

WHEN: The shop opens at 10 a.m., and music will begin at noon.

Here’s the performance schedule:

12:00pm – Lilly Hiatt
12:45pm – Steelism
01:30pm – Adia Victoria

WHAT: Third Man will release the first vinyl reissue of Bob Seger System’s “2+2=?” in over four decades on a limited yellow RSD exclusive, on 7″ with the b-side “Ivory.” Third Man Books will release new book The Blue Series: The Story Behind the Color, in a limited edition that includes a blue 7″ with previously unreleased recordings of First Aid Kit and Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers (author  Ben Blackwell will also be on site to sign copies of the book). Fans at Lillie Mae’s recent Blue Room release show can bring their ticket to score a limited gold 7″. And, of course, Jack White’s new single “Battle Cry” will be available as a limited gold, one-side 7″. There will also be a bunch of retro new merch for sale, and a grill and chill sesh on the patio.

WHO: Adia Victoria, Steelism, and Lilly Hiatt are slated to perform, and Lillie Mae will be slinging copies of her new album.

WHY: If you’re looking to snag one of Third Man’s enticing, exclusive releases or you’re a Jack White devotee, this is a Record Store Day experience like no other.


The Great Escape (111B Gallatin Pike N & 5400 Charlotte Ave) – Often overlooked, comic/book/toy/music chain The Great Escape tends to stock a decent selection of vinyl at both their Charlotte location and Madison superstore. They do officially participate, so while you might not find all RSD exclusives, their 7 a.m. opening time could make them an attractive first stop. Additionally, both stores are offering 20%-50% off of used music and supplies, freebies, and more!

Luna Record Shop (230 Franklin Rd; Franklin) – Nestled in The Factory at Franklin, well-curated, new boutique record store Luna will open at 9 a.m., and are offering both RSD exclusive and a 20% sale on used vinyl for their second year participating in the holiday. Though small, their selection is great, and this is obviously a solid bet if you live closer to Franklin and don’t want to trek to Nashville.

Boulevard Record Shop (2006 Belmont Blvd) – Student-run Belmont area record shop Boulevard is getting in on the fun, hosting both daytime and evening performances (lineup here), venders, refreshments, and more. We’re not sure what all they’ll have new release-wise, but students get a 10% discount, and the shop opens at 9 a.m., making this a solid, slightly under the radar option- especially if you’re a Belmont student.

McKay Books (636 Old Hickory Blvd) – Mostly known for their used selection, McKay do officially participate in Record Store Day, so they’ll likely have some exclusive releases (though we’re not totally clear on that); however, this destination makes the most sense for collectors less caught up in the RSD hype, and more into perusing their usual in-house selection. They also open at 9 a.m., a bit earlier than most.

Atomic Nashville (1603 Riverside Dr) – New east side indie book, music, and art shop Atomic celebrated their grand opening last Record Store Day, despite not being an “officially” participating shop. That seems to be the case once more, but with their excellent selection of all-local vinyl, they’re still worth a mention once you finish your hunt for all of the new stuff. Open at 11 .a.m, they’ll also host The Black Lemons and Stone Cupid for in-store performances.

The Vinyl Bunker (144 5th Ave N) – Downtown shop The Vinyl Bunker are officially participating in Record Store Day for the first time, hosting performances from Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners, Charlie Treat Music, Dana Leigh Kenney, Wild Ponies, and Kristina Murray, plus DJ sets from WXNA, food, vintage clothing, and more. Home to Muddy Roots Music, the Bunker say they will have RSD releases, though we’re not sure if they stock quite the scope or selection of some of the city’s bigger stores- still, it sounds like a great time, and gets going at 11 a.m.

Carpe Diem (212 S Margin St; Franklin) – A great option for Franklin residents looking for some live music, Carpe Diem, situated at at The Legendary Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor, will mostly cater to those who love bluegrass, folk, and Americana, spread across two stages (lineup here). You’ll also find deals on vinyl, and, while they’re largely known for their used selection, we believe they’ve stocked some RSD exclusives in the past.

Alison’s Record Shop (994 Davidson Dr.) – West side destination Alison’s Record Shop won’t be stocking any new RSD exclusives, but their impressively curated selection of vintage vinyl will be on sale (20% off the first hour, 15% 9-11, and 10% off 11-5), and they open at 8 a.m., making them a possible first-stop for your busy day. Plus there will be giveaways, bargain bins, and a raffle for a new turnable.

CD Warehouse (7081 Hwy 70 S & 2143 Gallatin Road) – Chain store CD Warehouse officially participates in Record Store Day, though it’s unclear how many new offerings they stock- both their Bellevue and Madison stores are options.

Ernest Tubb Record Shop (417 Broadway) – Country-leaning downtown record store Ernet Tubb officially participates as well, though we’re not sure what, if any, exclusive releases they’ll have available; don’t expect much outside of their usual fare.

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Shop (222 5th Ave S) – Did you know the Country Music Hall of Fame has a gift shop that sells vinyl? A testament to how much RSD has grown, they’re getting in on the action this year as well, and, while they apparently will have exclusive releases, probably don’t expect to see them stock a bunch of punk, hip hop, and metal for the occasion.


TWiN – Get the full weekend rundown on evening shows in our This Weekend in Nashville feature.


You can always count on some quality Record Store Day releases from Nashville artists! Here’s a rundown on some of the best:

Ben Folds w/ The West Australian Symphony Orchestra – Live in Perth 2xLP
Brandy Clark – Live From Los Angeles LP
The Cadillac Three – Live at Abbey Road 10″
Dolly Parton – Puppy Love 7″
Emmylou Harris – Queen of the Silver Dollar Studio Albums 1975-1979 LP Box Set
Eric Church – Caught in the Act (Live) 2xLP
Jack White – Battle Cry 7″
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Welcome to 1979 12″
Johnny Cash – Children’s Album LP
Miley Cyrus – Bangerz 2xLP
Steve Earle and the Dukes – Live 7″
& more!


Record Store Day has morphed into a lot of fluff and obvious cash grabs. While this is far from complete, here’s a list of some interesting national releases from the full list we think might be worthy additions to your vinyl collection; a mix of rarities, overdue re-pressings, first time runs and more:

Against Me! – Stabitha Christie 7″ Picture Disc
Air – Le Soleil Est Pres de Moi 12″
Andre 3000 – All Together Now 7″
Animal Collective – Meeting Of The Waters 12″
Atomic Bomb Band – The Atomic Bomb Band (Performing the Music of William Onyeabor) 12″
Balance and Composure – Slow Heart 7″
Banks and Steelz – Wild Season (featuring Florence Welch) 7″
The Beatles – “Strawberry Fields Forever” 7″
Big L – Devil’s Son EP (From The Vaults) LP
Big Star – Complete Third: Vol 3: Final Masters 2xLP
Big Thief – Mythological Beauty 7″
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Hammersmith Odeon London ’75 4xLP
Bullet For My Valentine – Don’t Need You 10″
The Cars – Live at the Agora, 1978 2xLP
Cheap Trick – The Epic Archive Vol. One 2xLP
The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Lime and Limpid Green 10″
Coheed and Cambria – Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV 2xLP
The Cure – Greatest Hits 2xLP Picture Disc
The Cure – Greatest Hits Acoustic 2xLP Picture Disc
Czarface – First Weapon Drawn (A Narrated Adventure) LP/Comic
Danny Brown – Ain’t It Funny 10″ Picture Disc
David Bowie – BOWPROMO LP Box Set
David Bowie – Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles ’74) 3xLP
The Distillers – Coral Fang LP
Drive-By Truckers – Electric Lady Sessions 12″
Elton John – 17-11-70 2xLP
Evan Dando – Baby I’m Bored 2xLP
The Flaming Lips – The Flaming Lips Onboard The International Space Station Concert For Peace LP
Gerard Way – Into The Cave We Wander 12″ Picture Disc
The Germs – Lexicon Devil 7″
Goat – Goatfuzz 7″
Grateful Dead – P.N.E. Garden Auditorium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 7/29/66 2xLP
Greg Graffin – Cold As The Clay LP
Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam – Live at KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic 12″
The Head and the Heart – Stinson Beach Sessions LP
Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall 3xLP
Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing 12″
John Williams – Star Wars: A New Hope 10″
Lil Uzi Vert – Lil Uzi Vert Vs. The World LP
Lou Reed – Perfect Night: Live in London 2xLP
The Lumineers – Song Seeds 10″
Luna – Penthouse Deluxe 2xLP
Marcy Playground – Marcy Playground LP
Motorhead – Clean Your Clock 2xLP Picture Disc
Neil Young – Decade 3xLP
The Notorious B.I.G. – Born Again 2xLP
The Offspring – The Offspring 12″
Paul McCartney – Cassette Demos Cassette
Pink Floyd – Interstellar Overdrive 12″
Prince – Batdance 12″
Prince – I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man 12″
Prince – “Little Red Corvette”/”1999” 7″ Picture Disc
Prince – Partyman 12″
Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade of Pale 12″
Ramones – 76-’79 Singles Box 7″ Box Set
Randy Newman – Lonely At The Top Studio Albums 1968 – 1977 Vinyl Box Set
Run the Jewels – RTJ RSD Record Tote Bag Tote Bag
The Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The UK –The UK & US Singles
Sharon Jones with The E.L. Fields Gospel Wonders – “Heaven Bound” b/w “Key To The Kingdom” 7″
Sia – Spotify Sessions 12″
Slick Rick – The Great Adventures Of… Book
The Smiths – The Boy With The Thorn In His Side 7″
Snapcase – Lookinglassself LP
Spoon – Hot Thoughts (Record Store Day) 12″
Sting – Sting Live At The Bataclan 12″
Sun Ra – Janus LP
The Sundays – Blind–25th Anniversary Edition LP
Sunny Day Real Estate – The Rising Tide 2xLP
Superchunk – Cup of Sand 3xLP
Swet Shop Boys – Sufi La 12″
Tegan and Sara – Under Feet Like Ours LP
Thrice – Sea Change 7″
Toto – Africa 12″ Picture Disc
The Turtles – More Golden Hits LP
Vangelis – Blade Runner Original Soundtrack LP Picture Disc
Various Artists – Just Say 50: Sire Records 50th Anniversary Box Set 4xLP
Various Artists – Like Nashville In Naija: Nigeria’s Romance with Country Music, Yesterday and Today 2xLP
Various Artists – Pineapple Express (Original Movie Soundtrack) 2xLP
Various Artists – Space Jam: Music From and Inspired By The Motion Picture 2xLP
Vic Chesnutt – West of Rome 2xLP
The War on Drugs – Thinking of A Place 12″
The Wombats – The Wombats Proudly Present… This Modern Glitch LP
The Zombies – “A Rose For Emily” / “This Will Be Our Year” 7″
& more!

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