Ron Gallo Debuts “Kill The Medicine Man” Ahead of New Album ‘Heavy Meta’


The last time we checked in with fast-rising, now-local rocker Ron Gallo, he was causing mayhem in downtown Nashville with his guerilla punk video for “Please Yourself.”  Yes, we’re still reeling in that bit of awesome too, while waiting for the official release of his upcoming record Heavy Meta, due out Feb. 3 on New West Records.  Gallo continues the promotion train with another incredible single, “Kill The Medicine Man,” presented with an informercial style video for his remedy for what ails you, “Airijuana.”

Ron tells American Songwriter, “As we enter into this new chapter in America, I have this to say: the government has nothing to do with your decision to self-destruct, consume garbage, or not feed your brain and soul and become the best you. The president has no control over how you treat people, contribute, or look within. Sorry about all the responsibility, but now is a good time to take it! It’s beautiful! I love you. We don’t need ANY leaders, we need a new mind, a new way of thinking. We are capable of that transformation. We need to stay sharp! Drop everything else and try out our new product during these times, AIRIJUANA!”

Gallo is hosting his record release party at The High Watt on Feb. 4 with Thelma And The Sleaze and Reality Something.  Tickets are available for $10 here.

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