The Mute Group Covers Forget Cassettes’ “Quiero Quieres”


Those of you that were in Music City before New Nashville became a thing will probably remember the promising young band Umbrella Tree that was a shining beacon in a young(er) indie music scene.  Umbrella Tree sadly disbanded in 2012, but we have some new music from guitarist and vocalist Zachary Gresham in his new project The Mute Group.  The brand new outfit released a beautiful electronic pop video for their debut single “Brainplate in Eb” late last year, which unfortunately got buried in our holiday email mountain.

The Mute Group just followed that up with a fitting new tribute video.  This one features Zachary Gresham covering another staple of years past in Forget Cassettes’ “Quiero Quieres.”  You can check out the cover video as well as the stunning video for “Brainplate in Eb” below.

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