[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Frances & the Foundation Debut Video for “Allison”


This has been one hell of a week, but at least we always have new music to look forward to. Today, we’re stoked to premiere the video from local rockers Frances & the Foundation for their new song “Allison.”

The video features lead singer Samantha Frances looking pretty distressed as she sings into the camera, with frames flashing back and forth of her furiously applying makeup. Toward the end, we see the anger come out of this fierce powerhouse singer as she screams, “You made me your backup plan / You made me the other man.”

We got to hear a little bit about the inspiration for the song from Frances herself, “My close friend would always find herself in an on again off again relationship. Whenever she was unhappy with her boyfriend she would hit on me & use me. At first you think the attention is flattering, until you start to develop those deeper feelings.”  Samantha continues, “The video shows how quick life can go from pretty & clean to spiraling out of control, but reminds us that you always have a choice to let go.”

“Allison” is her confession and acceptance, and she’s not looking back.  Watch it for yourself after the jump!

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