Bondurant Debut New Single and Video for “Empty Hands”


Nashville newcomers Bondurant recently popped onto our radar, and the soaring vocals and effect drenched hooks from their latest single, “Empty Hands,” feels like the band spent a week drinking margaritas on a beach with Jim James.  If you haven’t caught wind of them yet, Bondurant was born in Southern California when Rob Bondurant met up with producer Jeremy Hatcher (Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness, Weezer), and, after the two had a few songs under their belt, they enlisted the help of rhythm guru Terence Clark to flesh out the grooves.  This first single of 2016 sees Bondurant rounding a corner from their previous releases, and making a strong entry into the impressive and ever expanding local pop scene.

If you want a chance to catch Bondurant live, head out to The Basement on Nov. 15, where the band will be performing a set for New Faces Night.  While you wait for that, head below to check out the new video for “Empty Hands.”

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