Get To Know Damned Rivers & Catch Them at The 5 Spot Tonight!


These days Nashville is an epicenter for transplants. Bands and songwriters from all over move here in pursuit of the dream of getting their music noticed and appreciated by worthy ears. Atlanta native Ian Mauldin is another shining story in this realm of criteria. Mauldin moved here last year and joined forces with former members of the Nashville band Grass Root Kids (Kyle Hassenfratz and Mark Summarell) along with bass player Brady Clifton to form Damned Rivers. The group is the brainchild of Mauldin, whose writing combines the musical proficience of The Beatles with the modern folk intuition of Conor Oberst and Dawes. With a recently released self-titled EP, the band are ready to take Nashville by storm.

In a town full of americana and roots influences, it is always refreshing when a band can throw a different twist on the style. On their EP, Damned Rivers blend their adherence to the folk genre with a dash of punk and soul. The single “Darkest Dawn” gives the listener a combination of an intriguing and satisfying chord change with a hook that they can remember. It is a soulful rocker that portrays this band as unique, yet also universal and welcoming. The band is set to take The 5 Spot stage tonight, Aug. 18 to celebrate the release of their EP as part of the weekly 2 Dollar Tuesdays showcase. They will go on at 11:30 p.m. but we recommend you get there early as this is one of Nashville’s most popular and esteemed weekly events. Head below to stream the new self-titled from the band, and we will see you at The 5 Spot Tonight!

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  1. Great to hear the awesome beat of the great drummer – Kyle Hassenfratz – who is famous for his work with Grass Root Kids and Breathing Tree.
    Kyle’s talent explodes on stage as he guides Damned Rivers in their soulful melodies! You don’t want to miss it! He is one musician to watch!! A superstar in the making!! Rock on!!!!!!!!


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