Jeremy Enigk Announces 1st New Album in 6 Years; Catch Him April 15 at Mercy Lounge


Washington rocker Jeremy Enigk, best known for fronting seminal ’90s emo act Sunny Day Real Estate, recently announced a spring acoustic solo tour, which will bring him to Nashville (possibly for the first time ever, as far as we can tell) April 15 at Mercy Lounge. Enigk hasn’t performed live in six years, nor has he released any new music since 2009’s Ok Bear, so this run is extra exciting.

While the chances of getting anything new from Sunny Day are looking increasingly slim, fans of Jeremy’s solo output will be thrilled to know that earlier this week, the famed songwriter announced that he’s finally beginning work on a long-awaited new full-length album of his own, and launched a Pledge Music campaign to help fund and track its progress. Things are still in the very early stages, but, from the sound of it, Enigk has a ton of material ready to go, meaning we’re likely to hear some new tunes on the road. Grab your tickets now!

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