Watch Scale Model’s Nostalgic New Video for “El Cheapo” & Catch Them TONIGHT at The High Watt!


Nashville indie rockers Scale Model have always had an affinity for ’80s synth rock and new wave, and, in their new music video for “El Cheapo,” the infectious opener from the group’s debut full-length, Star, they let their retro tendencies run wild. Akin to something you’d see on golden era MTV, the Seth Graves directed “El Cheapo” is a fun and hypnotic exhibition of VHS-era visuals and analog effects. You can give it a gander below, and, if you hurry, you can catch Scale Model live TONIGHT at The High Watt with The Get TogethersThe Girls!, and Gay Vibes, for The Get Togethers’ Tacky Christmas Sweater Get Together (be sure to rock your best worst holiday sweater for the photo booth)! Details here.

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