the Coolin’ System Release ‘Refrigerate After Opening’ | Stream “Jungle Juice”

The Coolin' System-620

We started this site to educate ourselves (and anyone that would listen to us) about the musicians who make Music City, and it refreshing to know they don’t all rely on country music hits for success.  While we tend to find comfort in our daily dose of rock and roll, Americana, and some hip-hop, we definitely make time for the soulful folks over at GED Soul Records.  They are the brains behind powerful retro soul acts like DeRobert & The Half Truths and AJ & The Jiggawatts, but, it’s soulful jazz sounds of Nashville’s the Coolin System that have a hold of us today.

the Coolin System released their sophomore record Refrigerate After Opening on the aforementioned GED today.  If you aren’t sure why we would stray from our standard daily routine of pummeling you with rock hits, then click below to check out the first single, “Jungle Juice” from that effort, and enjoy one of the nicest things that’s spun on our decks of late.

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