Astrochimps Release New EP; Stream or Download It for Free!


by Olivia Fay

Nashville’s Astrochimps‘ new, self-titled EP is up on Soundcloud for free download! The Brit pop rock-influenced record is a tight composition of bubbly keyboards, jazz percussion, a strong bass backbone and guitar melodies that tie everything together in a pretty Union Jack bow. There are strong instrumental influences from The Beatles and Arctic Monkeys on “Home Decor” and “I’ll Tell You Tomorrow,” while singer Nathan Alongi ties in punk vocals reminiscent of Johnny Rotten and Gang of Four in the song “Lies.” Their versatility amalgamates ironically in “It Can’t Be Good,” pulling from pop, punk, jazz and jam. I want to take this album on a long drive because it does not get boring. And I can, because it’s up for free download! After the jump, give Astrochimps a listen!

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