Stream the ‘Follow Your Dreams’ EP from Pang


Do you remember us telling you about the release of the single from that new Nashville indie pop band, Pang earlier this month.  We really enjoyed stumbling upon that playful summer single “Summer Daze,” and were equally thrilled to finally get a listen to the full EP, Follow Your Dreams, which released last week. Don’t judge us because it took us a week to get this out to you, we get really backed up over here. This is one of the most solid releases we have heard out of Nashville’s indie pop scene since the departure of Wild Cub and until the arrival of El El full length release (which, yes, we’ve heard).  There are so many influences from the national acts that we talk about on this site too, but rather than try to make comparisons to others, we’ll just let you judge for yourself below.  We’re still waiting for the announcement of the first Pang shows around town, but trust me they will be here before you know it.

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