Spoken Nerd Gives an Interview

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You might have seen Spoken Nerd playing Hip Hop shows at venues like Cafe Coco or the Exit/In. If you haven’t, you should definitely check him out the next time you have a chance, the experience is worth it. Spoken Nerd recently finished a short tour and I got a chance to sit down to talk with Nathan (AKA Spoken Nerd) and his guitarist Chris Surratt at a little jam session of theirs.

During the session, Spoken Nerd reminisced their favorite moments while on tour, like finding out just how cold the Gulf of Mexico really is this time of year (very); about meeting a fan named Van who lived in a van in Arkansas who kept them warm with steel barrel fires during the long cold Little Rock nights; and, their most memorable moment, when Nathan found out he was allergic to a particular kind of shellfish just hours before a show when his whole body, even the insides of his ears, started itching.

After they were finished jamming, they both laid down their guitars and came to the conclusion that Nathan needed a trim up. Chris, being his barber, took out the scissors and the rest of his tools and commenced to snipping. While it was nice and quiet, I took the opportunity to ask the both of them some questions.  Highlights of the interview are below, and you can get to know Spoken Nerd in the full video interview above.

No Country: What acts in Nashville are you digging on in Nashville right now?

Chris: There are a lot of people’s music I enjoy around town. Quiet Entertainer, I love his stuff. I’m also into a lot of power pop stuff like David Mead, I’m a big fan of his. I also love some of the crazy groups out there like Hanzelle.

Nathan: Well, you stole some of mine there, Chris. Hanzelle, hands down. Probably one of the greatest Nashville bands out there right now. Another one I like a lot, even though he just moved to Denver is Mr. Nasti. Seth Moore and Henry Daggs out in Murfreesboro. Karma Kite you should definitely check out if you get a chance, they’re a lot of fun. Another group, or hip hop act, you should check out would be Bobby Exodus.

No Country: You’re a Nashville product, and we know you love that.  So, for humor’s sake, what do you hate about living in Nashville?

Nathan: I hate that the interstate is closed every weekend in Nashville! You know who wouldn’t stand for this? Skeletor or (Richard) Nixon!

No Country: So you’re a big fan of Nixon?

Nathan: He’s the reason I cut my hair, got a job, and started eating meat!

Chris: Nixon’s the reason I picked up the electric guitar and set down my acoustic!

Nathan is in the process of writing and recording new songs for the next Spoken Nerd album along with local producer 24/7.  Local producer, Joel McAulty, who did Spoken Nerd’s last release Our Team is Going to Win,will be on board to tweak the final product.  Spoken Nerd’s next show will be in the Clarksville area on Dec. 21 at The Coup at 7pm which goes on until 7am. That show will have three stages, also featuring This is Art, Quiet Entertainer, Ugly Lovely and more.  Get to know Spoken Nerd.

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