Win Morrissey tickets before you can buy them! | AEG Live / Messina Group & No Country Contest!

Enter to win tickets before you can buy them by changing your profile picture to the show poster!

We brought you the news this morning and we’re still celebrating. The Pope of Mope, This Charming Man from Manchester, the one and only Moz — Steven Patrick Morrissey returns to the Ryman in January. Details from our boy, Phillip, here.

And we have a special treat for our readers thanks to our friends at AEG LIVE/THE MESSINA GROUP. We’re offering win-them-BEFORE-you-can-buy-them tickets through a little social media contest.

Here’s how it works…

1. Make sure you have “Liked” No Country, AEG Live / The Messina Group, and The Ryman on Facebook.

2. Change your Facebook profile picture to the concert poster in this post. (Also available here).

3. Tag No Country, AEG Live / The Messina Group, and The Ryman in a status update announcing your excitement for show.

4. Watch lots and lots of youtube videos while you wait with bated breath for Thursday’s winner to be announced.**

We’ll track the tags and a winner will be chosen at random to be awarded tickets on Thursday (11/15)! Get in on what will SURELY be a sell-out show before anyone has a chance to beat ya to a seat – for free! Plus, it gives you something rewarding to do while you’re Facebooking at work (other than watching Mitt Romney’s Likes steadily decrease via refreshing your browser).

**Totally optional, but I’ll feel less self-conscious about my Smiths/Morrissey media binge if you join in!

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