The Features, Heypenny, Tristen and The GoldRoom at Cannery Ballroom Tonight

The Features will always be one of the psychedelic anthems of my teenage youth. The track “Kids” on their latest album Wilderness takes me back to those college days at MTSU, when I was a reckless and raging-to-music teenager. I remember head-banging and flailing my arms to The Features songs during their performance at Grand Palace silkscreen studio, located on Murfreesboro’s square. This song suggests youth is a journey through the wilderness, trying to find your way, often running into wild obstacles, being rebellious because you can, or just being an idiot. It’s Halloween, and some of us are going to scream because we love thrills or we are just genuinely scared. But as The Features say in “Kids,” “We were born screamin’.” Check out a live video of that track here:

After showcasing decorative, static-filled, old TVs and flamboyant marching band outfits, you can be sure that Heypenny and their busyness will put on an amazing live show. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can assure you their costumes will be colorful and they won’t be dressed up as goblins or ghosts. And they might do their Weezer cover. It’s all speculative really. I mean, it is Halloween. Anything can happen. Bigfoot might show up and rock out for all I know. If you missed Matt’s Halloween post, check out their Weezer cover below.

With a full band and a powerful voice, Tristen is going to fill up Cannery Ballroom with her songs like eerie howling winds fill up an old abandoned house: It creeps up on you slowly, but you can’t ignore the aura it creates and it makes you pay closer attention to the atmosphere. The ghosts and goblins of Cannery are sure to sing along. A full band version of Eager For Your Love  can be found below:

Speaking of goblins, The GoldRoom’s video for “All Thumbs” portrays a human profile  pontificating a green, goblin-like projectile line. Are they hinting at goblins in the video? Regardless, the uptempo rock sometimes recalls the grungy and angst-driven guitar work of Shiner. I haven’t heard this sound in a while, but I’m ready to re-indulge.

See you, or whoever you want to be in costume, tonight.

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